Data analyst


POSITION: Senior Data Analyst


Number of positions: 5

Length: Long term 

Location: 4058 Minnesota Ave NE, Washington, DC

Immediate interviews – either Webcam or In-person interviews



Please note that this position is HYBRID, 2 or 3 days onsite and rest REMOTE per week.


11-15 yrs. of experience needed to implement an enterprise data warehouse, with a focus on data asset analysis, supporting data quality measures, and the enhancement of reporting and analysis for program staff.


These positions will be responsible for analyzing legacy systems, creating data dictionaries, and creating ETL processes and procs to extract and transform the data to prepare it for ingestion into a new system under development. The team delivers high-quality analytics products, creating clean and compelling data visualizations to summarize and communicate findings at various organizational levels. Additionally, the team reviews data for quality prepares it for integration and analysis, provides data and technical consulting during data asset and process design. Providing technical consulting on data composition and data engineering for large enterprise initiatives focusing on data asset analysis, supporting data quality measures, and enhancing reporting and analysis for program staff.  Specific duties for the position include:


Specific Duties:

  1. Manage data assets and respond to data questions.
  2. Work with the data stewards to troubleshoot and resolve data issues.
  3. Support business data stewards and Project team in maintaining accurate data asset metadata and updating data documentation.
  4. Perform regular analyses on data assets to identify data quality or integrity issues.
  5. Work with the Project team to develop and maintain data quality controls.
  6. Work with program staff and the Project team to develop and enhance data analysis and reporting to support program operations.


Candidates must have ALL the “Required” skills in order to be considered for the position. “Desired” or “Highly Desired” skills are a PLUS but may NOT be required.  

Skill Matrix (Please fill the last two columns of this matrix)

Experience with Business workflow processes Required / Desired Amount of Experience Years of Experience Last Used
12+ years of experience in working with complex data assets Required 12 Years    
8+ years of experience in using scripting languages or statistical software to perform data analysis Required 8 Years    
8+ years of experience in using SQL to query databases Required 8 Years    
Outstanding oral communication skills, including public speaking Required 8 Years    
Outstanding written communication skills, including writing technical documents Required 11 Years    
Possesses knowledge of appropriate data sources to address specific requirements of projects for monitoring, characterization, analysis and modeling Required 12 Years    
Experience developing a proactive methodology for effective data management by collecting, analyzing and reporting on disparate data sources Required 11 Years    
Data Quality definition, standards implementation, and monitoring experience Required 11 Years    
Experience developing and document the standard data reporting processes Required 8 Years    
Research new and existing data sources in order to contribute to new development, improve data management processes, and make recommendations for data Required 11 Years    
Experience performing periodic data quality reviews for internal and external data. Required 8 Years    

Please also answer below Standard and Job Specific questions. Thank you.

Question Your response
Absences greater than two weeks MUST be approved by Client management in advance, and contact information must be provided to Client so that the resource can be reached during his or her absence. The Client has the right to dismiss the resource if he or she does not return to work by the agreed upon date. Do you accept this requirement?
What is your US Work Authorization? Ex: US Citizen, GC, Canadian Citizen, H1-B, EAD-GC, EAD-H4, EDA-OPT etc
Please list candidate’s email address that will be used when submitting E-RTR.
Does your candidate’s experience match or exceed the “Required” skills listed above and the number of years of experience with each sklll?
How soon after an offer can your candidate start?
In what city and state does this candidate reside?
There are no reimbursable expenses. Do you accept this requirement?  
The selected resource must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Do you agree that you will only submit candidates who are fully vaccinated and that you can produce proof of vaccination, if so asked by the District?  



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